Litter Collection

The Litter Picker can be used to remove debris from grass, dirt, or paved surfaces.

The Road Rake combines the tine raking technology of the litter picker with rotating brushes to remove larger debris from pavement that might otherwise damage street sweepers.

The Barber ROAD RAKE's primary purpose is to remove large debris from the sides of roads, highway medians, shoulders, parking lots, and other paved surfaces that are too large and potentially damaging for street sweepers.

  • Litter Picker – LP1

    Litter Picker – LP1

    The Litter Picker helps grounds maintenance teams clean large venues or longs stretches of grass, soil, or pavement faster than ever before. A tine-lined conveyor belt removes debris as large as full garbage bags and as small as cigarette butts with ease.

  • Road Rake Model 200

    Road Rake Model 200

    The Model 200 is Barber's independently-powered ROAD RAKE. A 19 hp water-cooled engine powers the hydraulic motors that turns two gutter brushes and the conveyor belt. It also powers the cylinders that lift up to 1900 lbs. of debris in the hopper to dumping height. Because it does not require an outside hydraulic power source, the Model 200 Road Rake can be paired with any truck that weighs more than one ton and is equipped with a pintle hitch.

Litter PickerRoad Rake Model 200


H: 2.6 m, L: 4.1 m, W: 2.4 mH: 2.6 m x L: 4.8 m x W: 2.5 m
WEIGHT:2,177 kg 2,930 kg
CLEANING WIDTH:2.1 m 3 meters to 3,4 meters
CLEANING SPEED:24 km/hr (max) 11 km/h (normal) 1.6 to 29 Km/hour
DEBRIS REMOVED:Paper, cans, retreads, cardboard, cups, straws, wood & bags.Retreads, mufflers, hubcaps, cardboard, wood, paper, cans and other debris.
PERFORMANCE:Cleans up to approx. 32375 m²/h Highway Speed: 86 km/h
DUMP HEIGHT:2.6 m2.6 m

Litter Picker

The Barber LITTER PICKER has helped many sports facility and grounds maintenance teams around the country clean up after tailgating in a fraction of the time (and cost) that it would normally take them. The LP excels at removing typical tailgating debris from grass and paved surfaces, alike. Such trash includes plastic cups, bottles, wrappers, cardboard boxes, and cans.

Road Rake

Barber Road Rake uses brushes to capture roadside litter and sweep it onto a conveyor belt, which uses hundreds of tines to carry the debris into a bucket. The Road Rake connects to a truck and makes cleaning the sides of highways safe and quick.

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