Stone Picking


The TURF RAKE stone picking machine removes stones from scarified soil and expedites a variety of turf restoration processes. Adapted from the same tine-raking technology as the proven SURF RAKE, the TURF RAKE is a fast and effective stone picking solution.

The TURF RAKE penetrates the soil with hundreds of tines, removes stones and debris, and levels the target area in one pass. Because the TURF RAKE cleans and levels in one process, it leaves the area ready for seeding and eliminates the need for multiple rock picking machines.

  • 600HD


    At 1950kg the 600HD stone rake is H. Barber & Sons' largest rock and stone rake. It has been successfully used in a variety of turf and soil applications. Cleaning a seven 2.1m wide path the 600HD can clean up to 12,000 m2per hour. The 1.5m3 hopper can lift up to 1720 kg of material and dump its contents hydraulically from a clearance height of 2.74m. The TURF RAKE stone rake removes debris and leaves the area ready for immediate seeding. No additional cleanup is necessary.

  • 400HD


    At 1225kg, the 400HD stone rake is H. Barber & Sons' moderate-size stone and rock rake. It is equipped with a 1.5m3 hopper that will lift 1090kg of debris to a dumping height of 2.74m. This mid-size model uses the same heavy-duty conveyor and dump components as the 600HD. The 400HD can clean up to 8090 m2 per hour.



H: 2.3 m x L: 4.0 m W: 2.3 mH: 2.2 m x L: 3.6 m x W: 2.3 m
WEIGHT:1800 kgApprox. 1225 kg
CLEANING WIDTH:2.14 m1.8 m
CLEANING DEPTH:10 cmAdjustable to 10 cm
OPERATING SPEED:1 to 14 km/hr1 to 14 km/hr
DEBRIS REMOVED:Stones ¼" to 4" (.635 cm to 10 cm) in diameter, sod, roots, wood, branches and broken glassStones .635 cm to 10 cm in diameter, sod, roots, wood, branches and broken glass
PERFORMANCE:Cleans up to 12,000 m²/hCleans up to 8000 m²/h

2.75 m

600HD and 400HD Models

The TURF RAKE rock rake excels at removing rock and debris from soil to prepare it for multiple applications. Among its rock raking applications, the TURF RAKE facilitates horse track and arena maintenance, golf course creation, farm seed bed preparation, and strafing range munitions removal. In addition to these specific uses, the TURF RAKE proves effective for many other stone-picking applications.

Many horse arenas and tracks use the Barber TURF RAKE to remove stones and rock from their soil as part of regular maintenance. This video shows the spring cleanup of a horse arena in New England and shows the TURF RAKE removing piles of stone and rock from the soil.

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