Jetco Engineering has more than 27 years experience in building machines that clean beaches, roads, soil, grass and more!

Sole distributor of Barber beach, litter and road rakes Australia wide.

Beach Cleaning

Barber beach cleaners easily remove unwanted seaweed, small materials, shells, stones, rocks, sticks, and man-made debris from wet and dry sand with ease.

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Stone Picking

Stone pickers that level the work area and remove rocks, sticks, stones, and other debris in one pass. A variety of models with multiple soil grooming applications.

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Litter Collection

Litter collection machines for both paved surfaces and grass areas. Truck towed and tractor towed models for all applications.

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Additional Options

We offer additional options to the standard Barber machines.
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Service and Maintenance

Does your machine require a service?
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